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Our daily, one hour, live show and podcast hosted by Sunny and the REVIVE Crew!

REVIVE helps refresh and renew moms and dads by giving them a break from the daily grind. The conversations are fun, honest, uplifting and focus on marriage, parenting and having a happy family life. Listen to meet some of your favorite podcasters from the Parents on Demand Network!

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The #1 Tool To Stay Sane While TTC

You may have heard me talk about the MODEL on episodes 48 and 54 when I talked about certainty and thought management, but truly you need to hear it again. These are concepts you can’t hear enough to really understand them. this is because most of us...

Twin Transitions: Kindergarten Readiness

You're getting ready to send your twins to kindergarten, but are they really ready? How do you know? What if one child is ready and the other isn't, do you still send them both? Do you put them in the same class? Learn how various twin types m...

Montessori Method—Giving Kids the Chance to Thrive with Jeanne-Marie Paynel

Jeanne-Marie Paynel, founder and CEO of Voila Montessori, is a Parenting Mentor and Home Consultant. Her mission is to help parents appreciate the true importance of their role - not as servants or teachers, but as guides for their children's natural development. She believes that a supportive and peaceful atmosphere at home will allow every child to grow up as...

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